Reasons for Refusal to Join

2023. 2. 13. 13:15카테고리 없음

Currently, only retailers that sell fashion-related clothing or fashion jewelry can sign up.
In other words, it should be confirmed that the product is currently being sold.
Or, if you have the receipt of the purchase of the finished product of five Namdaemun fashion jewelry wholesalers within the last three months, you can approve the subscription.

* Reject approval (waiting) or additional certification is required if:

1. If fashion-related sales confirmation and proof are not available
- Site address, offline store not confirmed
- Unable to determine whether fashion-related products are sold
- If only a small number of products are on sale

2. When selling items other than fashion
- If the main product is not a fashion-related product among the products sold, ex) props, miscellaneous goods, household goods, etc. are sold together.

3. Export, manufacturing, wholesale, workshop, handmade, software, advertising business on the business registration certificate. If it's a business/sports event that's completely different from back fashion
- Only fashion-related businesses/industries can sign up.

4. If the information of the site or store is different from the information of the business operator.
- Where a business registration certificate in the name of another person is attached;
- Business information differs from actual site or store information

5. If you don't have an Internet address

- In the case of E-Commerce/mail sales business to a business operator, approval is possible only after confirmation of the site being sold or the site being prepared for sale.

6. Where the purchase receipt is not a receipt for the purchase of finished products at Namdaemun or Dongdaemun wholesale markets, but a receipt for an accessory subsidiary wholesaler.

7. Handmade. In the case of selling self-made products such as workshops, etc.

Waiting for approval or refusal to subscribe for the above reasons.
Please note that we do not contact you separately when you refuse to sign up.