Wholesale Jewelry supplies - Parome in Korea

2023. 2. 23. 22:11Wholesale Jewelry Supplies & Vendors

Today, it is Jewel Park #56 - Parome, which is strong for cubic earrings.
A must-visit when visiting Namdaemun Wholesale Accessories Market



Parome (Korean earrings wholesaler) seems to have a lot of cubic-silver products with a cleaner design.
In fact, cubic silver needle products are similar in design.


By the way, [Parome] seems to have more distinctive designs than other places.
I visited the store and looked at the product design.... I just thought of this.



"Uh...why haven't I seen this store before? Have you been here before?"

"There are more cubic products that are pretty than I thought... It's okay..."

This... How can I say it? There are some differences...
Would you understand if I explained that it felt like something I hadn't seen at other stores...?


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