2-9. Is it possible to reorder a small amount?

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Is it possible to reorder a small amount?

"If I have an order, can I buy a small amount?"
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First of all, it's a wholesale market, so one for each design...You can just think of it as difficult to order the same small order. 
It's a wholesale market, so They are busy taking other orders, but they get lazy when they get a small order. But these days, it's too bad situation, so if you've been trading steadily, You can order 1 pcs per design for re-order. 
And if it's all silver, or if you have some individual unit price, you can do a small amount of that.
Many people come to Namdaemun market after receiving customer orders from Internet shopping malls or SNS during the recession, so there is an atmosphere of supplying one re- order.
However, there is a possibility that a small purchase of one or two items at a low price of 3,000 to 4,000 won may blush or not be traded later. So if you can buy one and create an ambiguous situation with each other, the smartest way is to buy two per design, sell one, and keep one in stock.


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If you're worried about it later because the items are still in stock, you can add a little margin later or just sell it as an event at the low cost.
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